Top Three Reasons Why Our Startup Is Growing

Posted on July 16, 2013 - Written by Christine Ghobrial

Our new place is just AWESOME. Last June 2012 we have just moved out into a new office, pre-described as a “One Bold Move Out of The Blue”. Our small team was growing and so as our startup business has moved into a whole new level of web design corporation level.
After the searching and scanning of different office spaces, we have finally settled for a BIG enormous office and guess what? It’s not out of scope, it’s right on the same street, just around the corner. Click HERE for directions!

After Mitch’s supervision of tearing down walls and reconstructing a new productive working environment, he made sure that it becomes a creative exceptional working space, considering every detail possible; here are the top three reasons why our startup business is growing in terms of design and development.

1. More Room For Geeks Around Here To Be Themselves

Ever Since our team at Mitch Designs started growing in number in the last three years, we have been piling up and taking over available spaces. It sure has been squeezing and tight but eventually we had to break this tin can out of its form and find a more wider space to fit in all those people on board. Despite that our old place was likable and cozy, Mitch Designs office has become a creative hub that was specially prepared to accommodate innovation and ideas within design and development.

Our design factory is just about to kick in in the presence of our code genius, Alex, whose our Software Engineer, now owns a larger space along with Mitch Designs’ developers, where they can actually sit around a comfortable meeting table, cut to the chance of everything on a huge white board, and do the impossible in no time. One more thing. he’s got a glass office bubble that is full of sunshine. Cheers to that!

2. Smart Spaces Work Out A Creative Hub

Unlike the old office, Mitch Designs’ interiors has been played out smart. We have employed every space to function for a specific purpose adequately. There are an overall six partitions along with separators for developers. Nevertheless, frameless soundproof glass doors has considered people’s privacy and focus on work. Finally, introducing our spacious office into glass divisions has allowed everyone on the team to feel part of everything going on in the office, while everything stays within the range of vision yet bubbled to endorse a highly focused working environment. As a result there will be more space for interns and training potential web desingers around here.

Karen, our PR & Account Manager whose following up with communication and getting things done right on time, has always longed for her own quiet office space. Finally her wish had come true, adding up to it, some cozy features of getting her own bulletin board right behind her. Pretty much a contemplative area that brings the best out of her.

3. Cut Some Slack In The Lounge Recreational Area

A 30-minute Brunch is a daily thrill where we all get together and eat. Previously, we didn’t have any room to chill out or cut some slack, now we’re really on top of the world with a kitchen lounge, a couch and a huge fridge. Practically speaking, now we can eat healthy and feed our craving bellies with good stuff everyday.
Over the moon, we are extremely delighted by our new working corners; we’ve got a ton of space to move freely and be creative.

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