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We design digital experiences that generate high-value conversions rate.

eCommerce Design & Development

We design and code Websites & Mobile Apps to empower your users’ online shopping experience.

MitchDesigns, is an eCommerce agency based in Egypt, that design unique user experiences fr online shopping.
The company is playing a leading role in the web design industry in Egypt since opening back in 2005. We were transforming many companies into the digital world by developing their platforms to reach more customers.

Now, we focus on the eCommerce sector in Egypt and the Middle East. By only designing and developing online shopping eCommerce websites and apps.

Our UI designers are dedicated to design beautiful and easy to use interfaces, Experimenting user experiences to empower your customers, and achieve your sales goals.

With many years of experience working with the WooCommerce shopping cart engine, our developers can code powerful platforms that generate high conversions.


Media Buying & Digital Marketing

An easy and powerful online store isn’t successful without daily traffic of potential customers who land to explore your products and start a checkout journey.  In most cases, maintaining a high number of visits and converting them into sales is more complicated and essential than launching a new eCommerce website to the Internet.

Our digital team takes care of your online product catalog and all the related content of photos and text. Our SEO specialist works daily to rank your eCommerce website high on Google and get sustainable organic traffic to your online platform.

We run high-performance Facebook & Google ads campaigns to reach your high potential online shoppers, converting them from being cold to a hot audience who add to cart, and finally checkout.

We design your digital funnel strategy and execute your data-driven online business to generate sustainable and growing purchases.

Get in touch with our business team to know more about how we can transform your retail business.


eCommerce Online Workshops

We know we can manage a limited number of online shopping brands, but we share our knowledge with unlimited brands.

Join our online workshops about eCommerce & online shopping business. We learned a lot of practical experiences in designing and developing eCommerce websites and how to generate millions of money in revenue to Egyptian brands from the Internet.

We cover topics about digital marketing, user experience design, web/app development, paid ads, and strategic thinking. Click here for more information.