Quote Roller Saves the Day

“No longer will your proposals end up in a black hole. You manage the sales process online and in real-time. Know immediately when a client views your proposal, track their activity and know what they are looking at” quoteroller.com

You know how it works, especially if you are working in the same field, it could be quite chaotic, approaching a good number of people, and referring to their requests for proposals on a regular basis. When I first read about Quote Roller, I knew that I was about to resolve all the hassle of sending multiple number of quotes. Not only that, with gratitude to Quote Roller, I have been rescued from draining that gigantic effort of following up with potential clients, confirming that they have received my email.

In my case, Client Relationship Management is not an easy thing to handle, it is very interesting though, I do enjoy communicating with clients. However, I detest any sort of donkey work that comes with the job.

Quote Roller is about well being and enjoyment of business, and connecting my interest to QR was exactly what I needed. That is precisely the answer to why us, as Mitch Designs, have officially turned to Quote Roller, beside their very hot blog post “Why the World Needs Quote Roller?

1) Integrate Clients form Capsule CRM

We have given Capsule CRM a shot, adding clients’ lists, with one click, we were able to transfer the list in seconds. And then later I found out that it does facilitate adding clients through integrating with various numbers of online applications.

2) Corporate Catalogue

To establish a business proposal template with QR, you get to create your own catalogue, for each service and subscription your corporate do offer, allowing you to determine prices, products, percentages and descriptions addition to each, starting from Corporate Photography, Content Editing to Side Server Programming.

3) Who viewed / Who didn’t and Who’s faking!!

QR does provide a proposal status, meaning that, I get to be updated whenever the client receives, views and accepts the proposal. Moreover, through the QR account dashboard, I was able to follow up with our stats easily, there’s the total statistics, calculating the amount of money we have made within each week, and number of proposals sent, accepted, or drafted.

4) e-Signature, PDF, or an online approval

Upon sending the proposal, the receiver has the option of either printing the PDF copy and mail it to us, or click on the accept button at the end of the proposal, or simply submit his Electronic signature online. What could be easier than this!!

Now that we have moved to Quote Roller, we thought of updating you…