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PayPal is Finally in Egypt, But Not for Businesses

by Malak Mitch

Recently, Daily News Egypt has reported that a new service has been announced by PayPal to its Egyptian users, this service will enable Egyptian users to receive payments from 203 markets around the globe from the respective buyers. Along with this facility, they will now be able to transfer their funds through other transaction means, such as a local Egyptian Visa card or US Bank accounts.

The local Visa card can also be used to withdraw the balance, providing greater facility and ease to Egyptian users of PayPal. This facility has more benefits in terms of ease and secure transaction and it promotes E-commerce in Egypt for PayPal users.

With the introduction of this facility, international selling in Egypt is much easier which will be very beneficial in terms of economic benefits for the country. This move has also provided a platform for the trading between Egypt and many other countries of the world. This trade brings revenue in the country, which leads toward the development of the country and encouraging a prosperous economic future for Egypt. Online trading is another aspect that arises from this facility.

The insight reports of PayPal tell that this move has become the reason of a significant increment in Egyptian E-commerce, which is constant in nature. PayPal in Egypt has estimated E-Commerce transactions to reach $15 billion in the year 2015. This service also foresees a better economic condition in various sectors, such as the tourism industry and services in Egypt.

Mr. Kivanç Onan, PayPal’s Regional Director for North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, said in his statement that their first step was to launch the PayPal service in Egypt that will make people able to do online shopping.

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PayPal in Egypt

It is a wonderful option for the Egyptian merchants who want to export their goods and services across the border. It also strengthens the global strategy of PayPal, which allows people from around the globe to buy and sell online goods and services through safe, secure and convenient means, it has also opened up new sales opportunities for businesses in Egypt.

The new facility of transferring funds through local Visa cards in Egypt opens more doors for all economic activities that are associated with PayPal in Egypt.

This development was observed just after eBay made the announcement that PayPal in Egypt will be emerging as a separate entity and will soon be running its own company.

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