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chevron_left Back to all Blog Posts December 13, 2011

People, Diversity & Passion

People are always different from one another, some might turn out moody or edgy, others may be just having their luckiest day or simply, a rough day. I believe in DIVERSITY that creates BEAUTY in some way or another, while dealing with different people. Everyday I go to work, I know that it will be interesting enough, not because I’m too optimistic, but probably it gets back to my epic sense towards the unknown. you never know who might hit you with a certain issue to resolve on the spot and what mood they’re having coming on you, whether be it nice or weird, gently or vigorous, grateful or bitter.

Working for something you love, you are no longer hitched to the common title people always use as an ‘EMPLOYEE’, you actually become part of a chain, shaken sometimes, yet very strong, it’s called a professional family.

Working At Mitch Designs

When I first came here to work at Mitch Designs’, I met with Malak Mitch, Founder & Managing Director, who’s a target oriented and strategist, I thought I’d be having such a hard time dealing with clients representing such a valuable agency, because I discovered if you didn’t really care about what you do, business later on would fall apart whatever company you’re working for. But surprisingly, Mitch’s passion was contagious to spread!

It didn’t take me much time to get the hang of things around here, enjoy that type of work I was supposed to do, everything was happening so quickly and perfect, I couldn’t help it, not to take part in the chain of achieving a bigger success than mine, a client’s satisfaction! It’s such a delight to talk and meet with new people everyday.

As a PR & Account Manager at Mitch Designs, it’s not only about satisfying our clients whom matter to us most, it’s much more than that. We don’t make them only happy over the phone, but we become an action, always be an intention to deliver our cooperative impression, inform the client that any certain issue has been submitted and more importantly, done delightfully, and finally let each client be in touch with us at any time, so that they’d be a 100% sure whenever they ask for help, they’ll get it right away!

All I can say that it’s been a wonderful experience, so far, where I’m eager to learn more everyday and widen my horizon of people passion. I’m so looking forward to sort out anything for our Mitch Designs’ diversity challenge.