We design exciting digital user experiences
to engage with your audience, and grow businesses

We design exciting digital user experiences

Define your goals

What are your specific goals for this website or app? What exactly are you trying to achieve through this platform? Knowing your goals will help us to customize and optimize the design for your user’s desired experience.


We get to know your audience

Who are you trying to reach? What are these people like? We work hard to get a deep psychological and behavioral understanding of your customers. This lets us know your audience’s likes and dislikes.

This information then helps us to plan for who you’re targeting and how to best design to reach them. Helpful tip: Create a fictional character who represents the behaviors and attitude of your ideal customer.


We ask questions

“There are no stupid questions.” Good user experience design will never come if you don’t ask questions and learn about the task at hand. Our ability to gain a deep understanding of every project we take on is what sets us apart. 


We sketch and re-sketch

Our first design will almost never be our last. It takes multiple passes through a design to fully assess it. The beauty in a well-designed user interface or experience is in the details.That’s why we make multiple sketches, edits, and adjustments to craft the ideal design for your needs.


We love user testing 

The only true way to know the effectiveness of your UX design is through authentic user testing. We’re not afraid to try different things and see what engages your users.


We polish the visuals

We make sure that every single image, every font, every color, is crisp and clean. Every visual you see from icons to layouts is perfected and designed to fit your particular goals. No small detail is overlooked.


Real user feedback and re-design

After the user experience is fully designed, developed, and in front of users, we can get real feedback. This real feedback influences real, effective re-design. This way, after all of the steps, you get the best user experience possible.

MitchDesigns Web Design

We design for all businesses Startups to Large Enterprises

No matter who you are or what you do, we are the design team for you. With our expertise and breadth of capabilities, we’ll design your app and/or website just the way you need it. Request a quote today to start the conversation and see how we can help!

Design for mobile & desktop apps

iOS Mobile App Design

Do you need an iOS mobile app designed and developed? You deserve to launch a beautiful, user-friendly application on the Apple App Store and we’re just the team to help you.

Android Mobile App Design

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. Reach out to us, the experts, if you’re interested in the best of the best when it comes to Android mobile app design.

Web Application Design 

Web applications can take many different forms. We’ve seen them all. Do you have a great idea you need help designing? Our experienced team can assist you with the UI/UX design and development of your web application.

Design for different industries

Education Travel Sports Retail Medical

We’ve worked on mobile and web applications for a number of different industries. The user experience is always unique for each company within each industry. Our knowledge and portfolio depth allows you to be confident that we will design the best product for your business.

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MitchDesigns Partners

We love startups.MitchDesigns Partners Helping startups change The World 

Startups fuel innovation and modern technological advancements. We’re proud to partner with startups to help with their user experience design needs and ultimately become part of their journeys.

MitchDesigns Developers

We partner with amazing developers. You could be one of them.

Our amazing development partners help us to build the greatest mobile and web apps imaginable. Their focus on usability and user experience makes them great for building quality digital experiences.
If you’re a development team and interested in a partnership, so let's talk.

 Do you need a design partner? Let’s meet! 
Request one-on-one meeting

Whether you are a startup or you’re an established business, contact us today. We’ll discuss your ideas, your market, and your business goals to figure out how we can fit together in the future.