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Showcasing, recognitions & appreciations

by Malak Mitch

Here’s the thing, Web design is the new land of communication and simply some people don`t sneak much around on the web to see the tactics of it! Sometimes missing on the details and counting on already made templates is a huge mishap to communicate with originality, yet a website should be creative, cool enough and up to date with new technologies. It`s not just making copies of what you see, rather it is creating and developing a unique design to make users sigh the moment their eyes fall unto the web page content. Mitch Designs use high end scripts & semantic codes such as advanced scripts (CSS, HTML) & high end programming scripts (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, XML, Ruby N Rails, …etc) in our web development technology. Content wise, Mitch Designs has been given worthy recognitions & appreciations in terms of showcasing Mitch Designs on several websites and CSS galleries.

Mitch Designs has been blogged and included on several websites’ blogs as one of 50 Excellent Designer Portfolio Sites on Designm.ag, one of 74 Fresh Examples Of Beautiful Single Page Website Designs on instantshift.com precisely mentioned as“highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational designs”, one of 33 Kick-Ass Websites for Your Inspiration on tuttoaster.com, one of 92 Portfolio Designs for inspiration 2nd part on 92pixels.com, and last but not least as one of35+ Web Site Navigation Design Showcase on tripwiremagazine.com.

Furthermore, Mitch Designs has been awarded and placed on numerous CSS galleries, check those websites out creatticathe design inspirationCSS ManiaThe CSS AwardsDesign ShakeCSS Elite. In addition to a few more such as cssenvy.com, csstea.com, onepagelove.com, cssdailyinspiration.com, cssimply.com, csswow.com, mostinspired.com.
Mitch Designs website has a detailed language of communication, to proceed with brilliance in terms of creativity and liability of the brand building.