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Your Guide to a Successful Online Business

by Malak Mitch

I have been continuously dealing with clients building their online business over the past two years working at MitchDesigns. From what I have been encountering the power of the internet in supporting businesses.

We have built tens of online stores, knowing which would invade the eCommerce field with success and the other way around. This virtual online marketplace could be able to guarantee higher revenues, only if you define the right approach and market.

Why do you need to take your business online?.

Work this out with me; you have you have heard of a new hotel/ store/restaurant that recently opened downtown, the first thing you would look into it ONLINE; no one can blame you as it seems a lot easier, you won’t risk paying this place a visit if its online presence is almost invisible.

If an online user would get to choose between your products and another, your website’s usability and design are the most critical aspects to the comparison.

What struck me most is the number of online transactions that take place daily, if you can preview this video below, you will understand why every minute counts!

Consider this an appeal to convince build your own online identity, soon enough you will not be able to disregard the power of the INTERNET.

What do I need to do starting my online business?

Well, that is indeed a good question, let us start with your :

1- Hosting & Domain

Technically, you need to buy your domain name & hosting; the domain name is the ( www.yourdomainname.com) and hosting is the space occupied for the website over a web server, though I am not a technical person as you can tell. Hosting come in plans, depending on the number of emails, space and other technical elements of your website.

2- Have Your Logo Designed

Most online businesses go for attractive logos that can be drawn with firm and clear typography, clean shapes, appealing colors of a logo that determines the line grids and complexity of your website.

3- Determine Information Architecture

It is essential that you be aware of the website’s sections very well, considering all aspects of User Experience, “ What Would Users Do?”, Exactly!!. Also determining your sitemap will help you manage your content faster and easier.

4- Have your content ready

After determining your IA, all you need to do is have it beautified, remember, sometimes, content is more important than the design that supports it in some way.

5- User Interface Design (UI)

For your information, any website page starts with a Photoshop Document (PSD), and then later converted to be readable on different browsers. But before initiating with Photoshop, you will be provided with wireframes, sketches and then photoshops mock-ups.

6- Development

Development is split into two; frontend coding, and Backend programming, the first part is converting all the designs from the previous step to working visuals so that it could be visible over the browser, and the other part is ensuring functionality, that all links, forms, pages are well functioning.

7- Testing / Troubleshooting

Have you heard of the TETO theory “Test Early Test Often,” while troubleshooting, with the help of developers, of course, you will be able to know what is a bug or dysfunction, preventing any possible trouble after the website launch. Through this phase, while adding content and testing, you will notice some missing features that you may require to be added, which is normal, since you have not been fully acknowledged with the actual experience in the first place.

8- Launch

Design Check
Develop Check
Content Check
Test Check
Launch ========> “ You are ready to roll”

9- Marketing – Advertising Campaign

Once you make sure your website is live and well tested, you will need run publicity, and you should know who is your target audience and where to reach them, as soon as you get the hang of this, you will be ready to invade the market with the correct adverts.

10- Monitor your ranking and release reports on each set interval of time

It may not be the hardest reaching the peak, however maintaining such position is way harder, definitely requires a whole lot effort.

Why do you need to monitor and analyze your ranking?. Well, it is simply because you would want to enhance your presence and guarantee a better experience for your users, and make money accordingly.

Your tools to build your online business

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool and heat maps applications, which are easy to grasp can be of help to you in knowing what are the needs of your website presence. Websites like Alexa and WooRank are recognized internationally for websites analysis and ranking. By the time you will be able to easily take part in increasing rates over your website and enhance its visibility.

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